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How does Immediate Connect operate, and what opportunities does it provide

User-Friendly System

We have designed our platform for ease of use for users on every rung of the trading ladder. This way, minimal time is spent figuring out the navigation around the platform and more energy can go towards making your trades. More than just simple navigation, Immediate Connect also includes features for user-friendly trading. These include training platforms, trading robots, and demo accounts to give first-time traders the best possible head start in the industry.

For our more experienced users, we have set up adjustable trading parameters, which can be customized alongside your manual trading settings.

Top Quality Security

Your peace of mind is vital to us, so we have employed the best of the best when it comes to the safety of the Immediate Connect platform. All account detail and trade information is protected by military-grade security systems for the benefit of our members.

There Are No Hidden Fees

The entire ethos behind Immediate Connect is providing trading opportunities to anyone, anywhere. We understand that not everybody has access to a computer or laptop throughout the day, or at all, which is why we built to run from many devices, including tablets and smartphones. In the spirit of inclusivity, our expert team of programmers has worked tirelessly to ensure the platform works smoothly and functions equally well for whatever device you choose to operate from.

What Are Some of the Trading Activities Immediate Connect Offers?

Immediate Connect hosts a range of trading activities for users to access. This provides a great opportunity to first-timers to learn more about a variety of markets and find their niche and allows the more experienced trader to diversify their portfolio. These activities include:

CFD (contract of difference)

Helps to assist with market speculation and predictions for assets such as foreign exchange, shares, and commodities.

General asset trading

Stocks and securities held for resale and profit are a major part of modern trading. The fluctuating value of these assets makes for an exciting market, which a savvy trader can exploit to his or her advantage.

Forex (Foreign exchange)

The foreign exchange market is one of the most liquid and most active trade areas, with the movement of foreign currency bringing great opportunities and successes to some traders.

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

Buying low and selling high is the name of the game in crypto trading. Bitcoin is one of Immediate Connect’s prime focuses and our users can enjoy a good run at the market if they deal smartly and at the right time.

You may, of course, be interested solely in one area of trade, in which case you can make full use of our platform’s strategizing and research capabilities to help maximize your chance of success.

Immediate Connect and Bitcoin

One of the most exciting markets you can access through Immediate Connect is Bitcoin. Trading in cryptocurrency is one of the most exciting markets, and you have full access to it through Immediate Connect. Bitcoin is the leading name in the cryptocurrency industry and has been highly sought after for over a decade. While Bitcoin trading can pay off big time, it takes patience, skill, research, and strategy to pull off.

Trading is not the same as simply investing; you want to sell it for profit, so buying in when the value is down and selling at the right moment when the value is high is the name of the game.

As with any trading market, there is always a level of risk involved, but researching the market thoroughly and having as much of an educated guess behind your speculation as is possible can make a difference. Immediate Connect is designed to help you understand how to get a better read on the market; for those with less experience who are interested in Bitcoin, this is an invaluable tool.

How Does Bitcoin Trading Work on Immediate Connect?

Trading in Bitcoin utilizes the same skill set as with any other market; analyzing statistics, monitoring trends, research markets, and looking out for the right moments to pounce.

It is unfair to success in Bitcoin trading is down to chance, in fact, there is very little chance involved if you do the right research and weigh up the risk before making a trade.

By monitoring the market value, you predict the times when Bitcoin’s stock value is going to be down (which is when you buy) and prepare for the moment the value rises (which is when you sell).

With Immediate Connect this works in exactly the same way, with the benefit of assisted research features and a wider portfolio base to follow to help make the best choices.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was the original cryptocurrency as the market knows and understands it today. Ever since the devastating losses felt by so many after the crash of 2008, the demand for a more independently controlled currency has been booming. and remains the industry leader well over a decade later. Bitcoin is a name synonymous with crypto finance and digital money trading and has pioneered decentralized currency as a way of life and the way of the future.

You can’t talk about crypto finance and not hear the name Bitcoin straight away, and for good reason. Not only was it the first, but it also continues to be a leading pioneer in the cryptocurrency industry.

What Exactly Is a Cryptocurrency?

These currencies work the same way any fiat currency would, for example, the US Dollar, in that you can use them to make purchases, as a form of payment, and you can trade and exchange to make more. In a nutshell, a cryptocurrency is a form of money that is completely digital and decentralized from any controlling government or bank.

What Is Decentralization?

Decentralization is how cryptocurrencies stay financially independent. Each country or government has its own form of legal tender, which they can distribute, withhold, duplicate, devalue, and control pretty much however they see fit.

The banks the money is held in also have a high level of control over money stored there by their clients and can charge fees for any service they decide.

Because of this, freedom of money movement between different centralized, government currencies is stifled, restricted, and often very costly. This is the basis for one of the biggest appeals of Bitcoin; it is so much easier to move internationally.

Because Bitcoin is independent of any one place, you can send it from your account in the USA to a client in London for a fraction of the cost of doing it through a bank.

What Else Makes Bitcoin Special?

When using Bitcoin, some users enjoy the privacy it comes with. For example, no personal details are required to get you started. When you first buy into Bitcoin, rather than register your name, address, and other usual personal details, you are allocated a digital address. While not entirely anonymous, as the account can still be linked to you if need be, it does provide a little more distance between you and the digital world of cryptocurrency.

Also, unlike traditional fiat currencies, which are controlled by the government and banks, Bitcoin is in limited supply. This means it can’t just be minted and produced whenever someone feels like it, watering down the value and stability. There are only so many Bitcoins in existence, and once they are all bought up there can be no more. This is one of the big reasons Bitcoin Trading is so competitive and sought after.

Why Invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was the ground Zero software for most of the 10,000 + cryptocurrencies out there today, and while there any many viable options for investment, none has the reputation and respect that Bitcoin has accumulated.

As stated, Bitcoin is an extremely important part of the future of finance and provides a host of benefits that traditional banking simply cannot keep up with, including:

  • Significantly reduced international transfer fees
  • More transparent control over your funds
  • No bank fees, withholding, or credit issues
  • Government devaluation
  • Fast transfers to anywhere in the world
  • Increased security for transfers

Security is something Bitcoin can be applauded for, as the encryptions applied to the movement, storage, and ownership of the cryptocurrency are a barrier against cybercriminals. Cybercrime is a huge threat in the modern-day and age, and Bitcoin takes all steps possible to help protect you from it.

All-in-all, any tech-savvy and future-conscious traders or investors should seriously consider Bitcoin as an investment. However, like an asset on the marketplace, you should always exercise caution and control and do thorough research before committing. Knowing what the right thing is, and when is the right time can be tough at the beginning of your trading career, which is exactly why we created Immediate Connect.

The Future of Bitcoin

The idea of a decentralized currency has been around for quite some time, but it wasn’t until the aftermath of the 2008 crash when the people’s demand for more transparent control over their own money drove the crypto dream to become Bitcoin

Since 2009 when the first Bitcoin hit the market, the entire concept has been met by deep speculation and avid admiration in equal measure. The value, like any currency, had fluctuated over time but it has remained a solid investment opportunity throughout the ups and downs.

Looking to the future, Bitcoin is leading the charge towards a revolution of the world’s financial system. There is little doubt about the part Bitcoin has to play in the future of the financial world, which is likely to become more and more digitalized as time goes on. Bitcoin has always been the biggest name in cryptocurrency in over a decade of trading and intend to keep that title for the next decade and beyond.

Is It Safe to Trade in Bitcoin?

As far as security is concerned, trading in this cryptocurrency is relatively safe. The reason for this is the blockchain software and similar security measures used to ensure maximum protection during the transferring of funds between accounts. Blockchain also helps prevent fraudulent activity by automatically enforcing a high level of compliance with every Bitcoin trade.

Risk-wise, no trade in any market can be considered 100% “safe”; such is the nature of trading. Any industry built on predictions and suspicions rather than facts and certainty is always going to have an element of danger involved in every move, and Bitcoin is no exception.

This is a big part of what makes trading as a beginner so daunting and is a major part of the reasoning behind the creation of Immediate Connect. Our platform is here not to remove risk, as this is impossible, but to help you learn and understand how to strategize and work the market to minimize risk through smart moves and intelligent investment choices.

The Future of Bitcoin Trading

For traders, beginners and professionals alike, trading Bitcoin is an interesting prospect. With the host of high-profile business giants, and some of the most prolific names in the financial, who have publicly expressed their personal support of the cryptocurrency, it’s no wonder trading in Bitcoin remains one of the hottest tickets in any investor’s portfolio.

The popularity of Bitcoin amongst the people who truly understand the financial climate and probable future is a big push towards why buying into Bitcoin sooner rather than later is a wise trade move. Nobody wants to be left behind; especially traders who pride themselves on knowing what’s what.

Final Thoughts

Immediate Connect is an excellent platform to launch your trading career, or to further is through the extensive portfolio opportunities available. For those looking to trade in the Bitcoin market, the flexible smart parameters and assistant features integrally built into the platform serve to aid your decision making in order to make smart trades and investments..

Remember, there is always some level of risk involved in any trade in any market, so never trade beyond your means or dive in with proper research. Immediate Connect is built to reduce these risks for our users and to provide you with the necessary skills to have a successful trading experience, but caution is always advised before committing to any deals.

Welcome once again to Immediate Connect. Explore the platform, get your account ready to go, and begin your journey with us.

Happy trading!